Enterprise VoIP Phone Solution

Whether you’re a small-to-mid-sized company, a start-up or well-established corporation – telecommunications is a vital part of doing business. Traditional phone systems are not only costly to install, they’re not employee-friendly when it comes time to make simple changes and become obsolete within a few years.

Corporate Class PBX Calling Features

Insperia offers the professional, enterprise-level features and functionality you need to be more efficient and productive, provide better service to your customers, and free your business from geographic constraints. With a VoIP PBX telecommunications phone system, you are no longer bound to the traditional expensive-to-maintain phone infrastructure and costly industry regulations. All of our state-of-the-art features can be continually upgraded without maintenance hassles adding efficiency and depth to your company. Most importantly, we stand behind our products!

Run Your Business Anytime, Anywhere

VoIP enables you to take your phone system with you, because it’s a simple web-based communications platform. Anywhere there’s a broadband connection you’re in business – your laptop, a hotel room or even your own home. Simply plug a headphone/microphone unit in your laptop and you can send receive calls virtually anywhere. Plus, you can get voice messages and faxes through your email.

Need to set-up a business line with a Texas area code? No problem. Your phone number can have any available area code, not just the one assigned to your region.

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VoIP Benefits & Advantages

Don’t pay the same price for a single line VoIP service plan with limited features and functionality. Get Insperia’s VoIP PBX phone services and start enjoying features you never imagined your business could afford.
Benefits include:

  • Advanced features and functionality combined with local and long distance calling from one service provider.
  • Low overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with minimal upfront investment and low monthly service fees.
  • Seamless business telecommunications for companies operating from a single location or satellite offices, including remote and home based employees.
  • Works with existing high speed Internet connections.
  • Eliminates the overhead cost associated with brick and mortar buildings.
  • Save on local and long distance charges associated with inter-office calling.
  • Enables smaller companies to function and appear like large, established organizations.
  • A hosted PBX phone service means that you have no VoIP equipment, beyond the phones, to purchase or manage for your premises; we do all that for you.

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