CRM: Create growth and loyalty through continuous customer dialogue.

Most customer service departments strive to continuously improve response times while keeping costs in check. But often their applications, data, and processes are disconnected and cumbersome—costing agents valuable time and making it difficult for them to pursue revenue opportunities and maintain customer satisfaction.

Insperia helps companies implement CRM solutions that optimize customer relationships by integrating marketing, sales, and service. By providing a full 360-degree view of customers, businesses can enjoy a consistent and continuous customer dialogue based on real-time information. With an advanced CRM solution set, you can make the most of every interaction with every customer across every channel or touch point. As a result, you gain true customer insight, along with the ability to act on that insight:

  • Run campaigns that align with your customers’ preferences
  • Tightly integrate marketing across all inbound and outbound channels
  • Increase sales productivity by providing customer insight
  • Manage marketing and sales resources more efficiently
  • Turn contact centers into profit centers

Whether you need to extend the functionality of your existing CRM software or create a customized solution to meet your unique needs, let Insperia provide the tools your company needs to engage customers in a multi-channel, closed-loop dialogue that nurtures their loyalty to your products and services and improves your bottom-line results.

Insperia has implemented, integrated and customized a wide variety of customer service-focused software packages including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Goldmine, ACT, Oracle, SAGE, SAP and many others. Our consultants have extensive experience in helping businesses select the right solution, and managing the entire process from implementation to system integration and data migration to custom development, user training and support services.