Students From India

I recently started using a chat widget on my technology company website ( to better engage prospects. Unfortunately, Insperia has ended up on a forum dedicated to Indian college students looking for jobs.

Here is a sample of a chat I had recently:

Visitor – I need different Job information ..
Me – Can you be more specific?
Visitor – Yes I can
Me – How may I help you?
Visitor – I joined this website ..need job ..I don’t HV any info
Me – What website did you join?
Visitor – I mean login insperia
Me – What skills do you have?
Me – Where did you hear about us?
Visitor – I HV no experience .recently completed Master’s .
Me – In what field?
Visitor – Gender and women studies. .NGOs’ women rights .m
Me – Do you know what Insperia does?
Visitor – No

Obviously, this is a disaster.

1) Asking for a job via chat is not a solid job search strategy.  Go to if you need help with a strategy (shameless plug for my soon to be wife).
2) HV (instead of have) is a pointless abbreviation and a bad idea when you’re talking to a potential employer.
3) Do your research on the company before you start asking for a job.