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Insperia is your ultimate source for quick and effective solutions that prioritize your guests’ comfort and satisfaction. Our mission is simple: to empower your hotel with technology that elevates the guest experience and reduces operational complexities. With our suite of products, your guests will feel catered to, your staff will enjoy streamlined processes, and your hotel will shine as a beacon of modern hospitality.

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Guest Connect is our secure Wifi-to-Mews solution that enables hotel guests a simple and secure way to connect to the Internet after checking in. A seamless and efficient integration with your existing infrastructure, Guest Connect enables your registered guests to use their last name and room number to connect to the Internet via your Wifi network.

No more passwords to change or issues with guests typing the password incorrectly and calling the front desk. This solution improves the security of your network, elevates the guest experience, and reduces staff time dealing with Internet connection questions.

The Process & Technical Details.
When a guest connects to the hotel’s Wi-Fi, they’ll see a login page that asks to enter their last name and room number. This login page is provided by the hotel’s Wi-Fi system, which is powered by the Insperia system.

To verify that they’re authorized to use the Wi-Fi network, the hotel’s Wi-Fi system uses a RADIUS server and a sync app, both of which are provided by Insperia. The RADIUS server is responsible for authentication, which means it checks to confirm it is an active guest allowed to use the Wi-Fi network. After they enter their last name or room number, the hotel’s Wi-Fi system sends that information to the RADIUS server to check if the guest is on the list of authorized users.

It’s worth noting that both the RADIUS server and the sync app are hosted on the same server in the cloud, and they’re both provided and managed by Insperia.

This is an easy to implement and affordable solution to elevating your guest experience.

Supported Features:

  • Integrate and connect to any RADIUS supported WiFi platform
  • Cloud hosted – no additional hardware required
  • Managed by Insperia with phone, email and chat tech support
  • No charge for installation – quick and efficient
  • Month-to-month agreement – cancel with 30-day notice

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Our touchscreen kiosk serves as the guests first resource for seeking out local options. The cloud-based app is prominently positioned in the hotel lobby or common area to make it easy for hotel guests to explore local options and discover nearby dining, attractions, and events.

Guests can select from a menu of categories and the app will provide a comprehensive list of points of interest and events that match their specific interests. The app is managed entirely in the cloud, and hotel staff can easily update information to ensure guests always have access to the latest information.

The web-based app is flexible and can be customized to run on any web-based kiosk, making it the perfect addition to any hotel lobby.


The app is a digital door sign designed to display the room number and status of the room for guests staying in the hotel. The app is connected to the MEWS reservation system, which is integrated with the hotel’s guest experience app. Guests can use the guest experience app to select the status of their room, such as “Do Not Disturb,” “Available,” or “Needs Service.” When a status is changed, the front desk is alerted to maximize staff efficiency.

The digital door sign is displayed on a 10-inch tablet that is hardwired and placed outside each guest room. The app connects to a local server, which means it is not affected by any issues with the hotel’s internet service provider.

The digital door sign provides a convenient and efficient way for guests to communicate their room status during their stay, without having to interact with hotel staff or leave their room. The app also eliminates the need for traditional physical door signs, simplifying the guest experience.

Working with the team at Insperia to elevate our guest experience has been tremendous. We have deployed each of their products and could not be more pleased with the results. Highly recommended for any hotelier looking to advance technology and guest experience.

Aaron Chau
Maj Hotel